As of April 26, 2021, the application deadline for Fall 2021 admission has passed. We are still accepting applications, but any applications received after May 3, 2021 will only be considered for the waitlist.


1. Request the application link from the Master of Legal Studies program.

2. Start a new application:
-Select Fall 2021-2022.

3. Complete the following fields as shown on the left-hand side menu of the application:
-Read through the Frequently Asked Questions
-Read and sign the Disclosure Statement
-Complete the Welcome page
-Read through the application Instructions
-Complete the fields under Basic Information, Biographical Data and Citizenship
-Under Plans for Graduate Study, select "Master of Legal Studies MLST" and Apply Term "Fall"
-Complete the Supplemental Questions under Master of Legal Studies
-Add information for all of your education under Academic History & Transcripts and upload transcripts (official or unofficial)
-Complete each field for Additional Academic Info
-Include any Awards and Publications you received
-Upload your Resume/CV, Statement of Purpose, and Personal Statement
-Complete the Survey Information
-Add your employment under Professional Experience
-Add any relevant, valid Test Scores (this may include the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, TOEFL, and/or IELTS)
-If eligible and qualifying for the Non Profit Leader Scholarship, upload your Public Interest Statement under Supporting Documents
-Add contact information for 2-4 references under Letter of Recommendation
-Complete the Applicant Agreements
-Review all "Required Fields or Errors" and complete or fix anything on the list
-Once Review is complete, Submit Payment (Please click the "Submit Payment" button only ONCE and wait to be redirected.)